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To whom it may concern

We have been doing business with Harrison Electrical contracting for the past 15 years and we have found them to be a very dependable and competent company. In the time that we have been working together they have done several large-scale expansions in our retread plant in Kamloops and have always exceeded our expectations with quality work and quality people. When it comes to being a service provider you need to be able to continually exceed your customers’ expectations and that is what they do on a regular basis.

At Kal TireCal, our aim is to build long-term relationships with our suppliers based on competitiveness, value, and mutual respect of objectives. With Harrison electrical that is exactly what we’ve done. From basic electrical requirements to major expansions in our plant they have demonstrated that they are very capable of looking after all of our needs.

In any business, your employees are your most valuable asset and Harrison electrical has got some of the best people that we have ever worked with. All the Harrison team members that we have had contact with have been extremely knowledgeable and very professional in their dealings with us. When they are on-site they check in with us before starting work, they have all the PPE that is needed on the shop floor, and  they follow our safety rules to the letter.

I would highly recommend Harrison Industrial Contracting to anyone that is looking for reliable electrical company that you can count on to deliver top-notch service every time they are called.

If you require further information least feel free to contact me.

Yours truly

Bert Jameus
OTR plant manager
Kal tire, Kamloops


To whom it may concern,

I have no issues at all giving a positive response for Harrison Contracting. They have a solid core of management and boots on the ground! I worked with them for over 2 years at New Afton, 1st 16 months as General Superintendent of Surface Construction & the last 8 months as Construction Manager, mostly underground work at that time.

I would use them again and their safety record was stellar considering the majority of their work was in an underground environment which has its own set of hazards. They used all safety systems, FLHA’s and pre-job hazard assessments and rarely needed to be reminded to use their PPE. I worked with them directly on surface in the early stages of the project at the HV sub and ventilation fans and their work was top quality.

There were able to adjust manpower as the project dictated (up or down) and attract quality trades persons and supervision.

If you have any other questions I would be happy to assist.

Dave Hall
Manager, Metallurgy
Blackwater Project
New Gold Inc.
Two Bentall Centre
Suite 1800 - 555 Burrard Street, Vancouver
British Columbia, Canada, V7X 1M9


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SICA (Southern Interior Construction Association)

IBEW 993 (International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 993)

ECABC (Electrical Contractors Association of BC)

BCCA (BC Construction Association)

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